Paranoid Android 7.2.3 Released — New Languages, Launcher Customization, and Various Fixes!

Paranoid Android 7.2.3 Released — New Languages, Launcher Customization, and Various Fixes!

Paranoid Android has been one of the most well-received custom ROMs in history, and their latest efforts after yet another return have the team expanding to new devices and adding carefully crafted features.

Just recently we had an interview with PA’s Alex Naidis on the Custom ROM’s future, their approach to new functionality and ongoing developments, and that day the also opened up various features they’ve included in their ROMs for the community to learn from, adopt or adapt, and even improve. These include their PIE controls system, the PA-exclusive Color Engine, Accidental Touch (Prevention), Pocket Lock, and Three-Finger Swipe Screenshot — some of the polished features the ROM has been known to offer. Of course, the ROM is undergoing constant improvements, and Paranoid Android 7.2.3 has arrived with even more refinements and fixes.

The team had added support for translating PA to other languages via their Crowdin, and thanks to the help of community members who contributed to translations, PA is now supporting many new languages. The following languages have now been included in this release:

● Arabic
● Catalan
● Chinese Simplified
● Chinese Traditional
● Czech
● Dutch
● English UK
● French
● German
● Hindi
● Italian
● Norwegian
● Polish
● Portuguese
● Russian
● Slovak
● Spanish
● Swedish
● Turkish

This update is also introducing Launcher personalization options, which include icon customization and app labelling. You can now apply icon packs and individually change any app’s icon or label for a more flexible homescreen. To access the new menu, long-press your homescreen and access the menu called “personalization”, or you can drag an app’s icon to the top of the screen and place it under the “edit” option to change its icon or label as well. On top of these smaller but welcome options, the team has improved various features, updated the PA browser and fixed some issues:

  • Solved GPS issues with the “Waze” app
  • Updated PA Browser
  • Enabled extended built-in file manager (Files)
  • Power improvements for Pocket Lock
  • Block screenshots in Pocket Lock
  • Added a thermal warning when the device gets too hot
  • Icon customization and app labeling in launcher
  • Optional Google search bar in Launcher
  • Solved some issues related to Accidental Touch
  • Telephony related improvements
  • Improved reliability of clock alarms on a fresh install
  • Fixed setting of a user profile picture
  • Fixed manual focus in certain scene modes in Camera
  • Fixed various media playback issues
  • Fixed various Bluetooth connectivity issues
  • Fixed automatic OTA update
  • Fixed cases of Wifi display not working
  • Fixed various theming issues
  • Major performance enhancements
  • Various stability fixes and minor improvements

Other than that, there are various device-specific changes such as a rebased kernel (w/ August security patch) and merged EAS 1.3 & 1.4 and PELT-RT changes for the Pixel XL, battery drain fixes for the Nexus 5, performance improvements for the Nextbit Robin and major performance improvements for the OnePlus 3/3T. The team also asks users to note that their Paranoid OTA may not update to this release version, in which case you need to manually flash the build — patches included in this update can potentially fix such issues.

That’s about all for this update. If you want to read full device changes, head over to their G+ announcement post. As always, you can find the latest builds in their downloads page, and you can also pay their Gerrit, GitHub, Crowdin and Official G+ Community a visit.

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