PAIRS App Allows You to Quickly Restore Your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Settings

PAIRS App Allows You to Quickly Restore Your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Settings

Frequently switching between ROMs and flashing new software updates is something that many of us often find ourselves doing. Playing around with a new ROM or other bit of software that the wide world of Android has to offer is great, but a side effect of doing this is having to manually re-add your Wi-Fi passwords and re-pair your Bluetooth devices.

Thanks to a new app on the XDA Forums called, “PAIRS” from Senior Member hinxnz, this issue is now a thing of the past.

PAIRS is a fairly simple app that allows you to backup all of the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings on your device so you can then restore them when you need to. And, if you’re worried about your privacy, PAIRS makes it easy to quickly delete this data as well.


You’ll need root permission in order for PAIRS to work, but assuming you already have this, just download the app from the link below and you’ll be rocking and rolling.

There are a few bugs seeing as how PAIRS is currently only in v1.2, but even in its early form, PAIRS appears to be working quite well for other XDA users that have tried it so far.

Download PAIRS from the XDA Forums

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