Pass2Pay helps you add any pass or ticket to Google Pay

Pass2Pay helps you add any pass or ticket to Google Pay

When Google added the ability to store travel passes in Google Pay, many may have thought that we’d see a larger uptake from companies across the world. Apple Pay can store pretty much any type of ticket, but there are very few companies that take advantage of Google Pay’s ability to store passes as well. XDA Junior Member xurxooo has recognized that limitation and has released “Pass2Pay” on the XDA Apps and Games forum. Its premise is simple – to give the user the ability to add any pass or ticket to their Google Pay.

Adding passes to Pass2Pay can be done in a multitude of ways. You can directly import an Apple pkpass file, a PDF by reading the barcode or QR code, or even from an image that you took. The next step is where you confirm that the data is correct, as not every barcode or QR code will contain all information required to successfully and completely import the pass. The photo above outlines the steps taken to import a movie ticket into Google Pay using Pass2Pay.


To top it all off, the application contains minimal advertising. Advertisements will only show every three minutes at most, and it’s so that the application itself can stay entirely free. If you really don’t like advertisements, there is an option to donate from within the app. There are a number of cool features that the developer plans to add in the future as well.

  • Possibility of using personalized photos in passes (you need to create and maintain a server so it will cost money/donations)
  • Improvements in overall stability
  • More ways to import documents
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) reading of the PDFs

If you want to download Pass2Pay, you can check out the XDA forum thread below!

Pass2Pay on the XDA Forums

Developer: Development Colors
Price: Free

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