Pay What You Want for This CompTIA Exam Prep Bundle

Pay What You Want for This CompTIA Exam Prep Bundle

With cyber attacks become frighteningly common, IT professionals are expected to have some security training. CompTIA Secure Infrastructure Specialists are well-versed in the digital battlefield, having completed three top exams. The CompTIA CSIS Prep Bundle helps you prepare for these tests, with four in-depth courses and over 90 hours of video tutorials. Right now, you can pay what you want for the training at the XDA Developers Depot.

In the world of IT and technical support, CompTIA is the gold standard for professional certification. The name is recognized around the world and having it on your resume can speak volumes for your skills.

This bundle provides the perfect preparation for these exams, while also covering some useful real-world skills. Through concise video lessons, you learn about mobile and desktop hardware, operating systems, wireless networking, and the basics of cybersecurity. The training also looks at troubleshooting, cloud computing, network installation, and much more.

Each course is delivered by an expert instructor, and you get full prep for each exam. In addition, the bundle includes lifetime access to the training on mobile and desktop — so you can study at your own pace.

To get the deal, name your price on the CompTIA Security+ course, and get that course instantly. Beat the average price paid to get the rest of the line-up, worth $780.


Pay What You Want: CompTIA CSIS Prep Bundle – $4

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