Pay What You Want for This Linux eBook Bundle

Pay What You Want for This Linux eBook Bundle

Linux may lag behind macOS and Windows in terms of popularity, but this open-source OS is capable of incredible things. If you want to lock down your digital security or tinker with your workflow, the Complete Linux eBook Bundle can show you how. This mini library includes four great reads, packed with exciting scripts and projects. Right now, you can pay what you like for the ebooks at the XDA Developers Depot.

Most of us know Linux as the alternative OS for PCs and Macs. But Linux comes in many forms — it’s the basis for Chrome OS and many smart TV operating systems, for example. This bundle helps you shape Linux to your needs using advanced command line scripts. 

The line-up includes two guides on shell scripting that take you from simple debugging through to automated maintenance. You also learn how to set up Linux for cybersecurity, with an entire ebook dedicated to stopping malware and unauthorized network access.

You also get a guide to embedded Linux programming. This takes you into the Internet of Things, where you can use Linux to power your craziest inventions. The bundle offers well over 1,500 pages, with lifetime access included.

To get the deal, name your price for Mastering Embedded Linux Programming. Beat the average price paid to unlock the full bundle, worth $160.


Pay What You Want: The Complete Linux eBook Bundle

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