Pay What You Want for this Ruby on Rails Coding Masterclass

Pay What You Want for this Ruby on Rails Coding Masterclass

Among the many programming languages you can learn, Ruby on Rails is a good choice. Developers love it, and many startups have used Ruby to build slick websites and apps. Experienced Ruby developers are always in demand, and many earn six figures. If you want to jump into this lucrative niche, the Complete Ruby on Rails Master Class Bundle can help you get started. The bundle contains 11 in-depth video courses on Rails and related topics. Right now, you can pay whatever you want for the training via the XDA Developers Depot.

From Airbnb to Shopify, thousands of top sites are based on Ruby on Rails. This bundle shows you how to build your own web apps and find work as a Rails developer.

The videos start from scratch, introducing server-side coding and database development. You also learn how to code custom algorithms and build file uploaders through fun projects.

Alongside the Ruby on Rails content, the bundle provides some useful web developer training. Through separate tracks, you get to grips with CSS3 and HTML5, Typescript, JavaScript, and Angular. In addition, you get help with finding freelance Rails clients.

To get the bundle, simply name your price on Comprehensive Ruby on Rails. Beat the average price paid to unlock the full lineup, worth $867.


Pay What You Want: The Complete Ruby on Rails Master Class Bundle – $11

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