Forget the PlayStation 5, build the gaming PC of your dreams with these Cyber Monday sales

Forget the PlayStation 5, build the gaming PC of your dreams with these Cyber Monday sales

This console generation, I finally came to a decision–that I was going to focus on PC gaming. I’ve always been a console gamer, but it’s easier to get into PC gaming than ever before, and most titles That I’m interested in get released on Steam or Epic Games Store in a better format than a console game, anyway. The only prohibitive nature of PC gaming can be the cost of building one yourself. But, well, it is Cyber Monday. There are a bunch of PC part Cyber Monday sales, so now’s the time to start compiling your parts to build your own awesome gaming PC.

In fact, Amazon is having a whole Build-a-PC sale just for Cyber Monday:

    Today only, Amazon is having a Build-a-PC sale! Save big on the parts you need to start building the gaming rig of your dreams.

Amazon’s PC part Cyber Monday deals will definitely give you most of what you need to get your PC build going. There is the really nice Thermaltake V250 Mid-Tower, which will hold everything you need for your build easily, and with plenty of room to disperse heat. Speaking of, the Cooler Mater SickleFlow fans are also a part of this sale. At $10 apiece, with these fans you can make sure your PC won’t have a meltdown.

Don’t forget the motherboard, either! Whether you need a motherboard that will support an AMD processor or one that will support Intel, you can save a hefty chunk of change with the Build-a-PC sale.

Amazon is missing one particular PC part for its Cyber Monday sales, though… an internal SSD! Sure, a hard drive can work and it’s good to have a backup hard drive in your rig for storage, but you’ll want your OS and important applications running on a solid-state drive. Trust me on this! Thankfully, you can pick yourself an SSD from Best Buy. They aren’t having a specific PC part Cyber Monday sale, but that doesn’t mean you can’t save on what you need!

    No truly good gaming rig is complete without a good solid-state drive. Best Buy has some Samsung EVO solid-state drives on sale, just for Cyber Monday, so don't miss out!

Finally, you’re putting all this time and effort into building a great gaming PC–don’t hook it up to a crappy monitor! Get a monitor this new rig deserves, like the Samsung 49-inch ultrawide QLED gaming monitor. It’s a really, really impressive monitor that’s currently down to $1,000. This isn’t an offer exclusive to Cyber Monday, but there’s no telling when it’ll go back to MSRP or its more typical sales price of $1,100.

    You have the PC built (or about to be built), what's the next step? An awesome monitor! This ultra-wide, 49-inch monitor is built for gaming, and it's just $1,000.

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