Much Cheaper Than Google Drive: XDA Recommends pCloud 500GB Premium Lifetime Subscription

Much Cheaper Than Google Drive: XDA Recommends pCloud 500GB Premium Lifetime Subscription

One of the best deals going on right now at our online store, XDA Depot, is the lifetime subscription for pCloud. Let’s take a look at what you get in this subscription and how it compares with other services.

There are plenty of cloud storage options to choose from and most of them are very similar in price. The average user can get by with a free service but for those of us hosting many large files, we often have to go with a paid plan. Monthly and yearly subscription fees are standard for any type of decent cloud storage space. A lifetime subscription for 500GB at $59.99 is a killer deal. The pCloud lifetime subscription is currently 87% off. Take advantage of this deal and you’ll never have to think about repeating fees again.


Here is how pCloud compares to other popular solutions like Drive and Dropbox.

pCloud Google Drive Dropbox
500GB 1TB 1TB
$59.99/Lifetime $99.99/yr $99.99/yr

Drive and Dropbox do not offer a 500GB plan. But if you do some math and assume they would charge $50 per year for 500GB, pCloud very quickly becomes the better deal since you pay once and you’re done forever. You could be paying $250 over a five year period with Drive or Dropbox for 500GB, or just $59.99 if you went with pCloud.

When it comes to speed, Dropbox is known to be very quick with their upload speeds. Let’s see how pCloud does when comparing the two.

The Android app for pCloud is great. You can use automatic photo and video backup, shared folders, file categories and my favorite feature which is generating links for a specific file. You can also see all of your generated links and delete them. This will break any link that someone has to your pCloud file. This is just one of the many great features in this app.


  • Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows 10 Mobile

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