Peloton launches live fitness class app for Android TV

Peloton launches live fitness class app for Android TV

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If you weren’t familiar with Peloton before last Holiday season, the company’s infamous ad probably made you aware. Peloton is a fitness company that produces exercise equipment along with a network of live fitness classes. The idea is to bring the experience of a group fitness class to your home, something that’s very appealing in these times. Peloton announced today that they’re bringing their app to Android TV.

Previously, the Peloton app was available for Android phones and tablets along with Apple and Amazon Fire devices. Starting today, you can join your fitness classes on your Android TV. The company offers a wide variety of live and on-demand classes for activities such as yoga, running, meditation, and spinning (the most popular activity).

Peloton sells its own exercise bike and treadmill with built-in large screens, but the app is a way for people to take advantage of the classes with their own equipment. You can sign up now for a free 90-day trial and try out the classes for yourself. This offer is only good until April 30th. The subscription price is normally $12.99 per month for a single person or $39 per month for a group account. If you do sign up, keep in mind you can also access the service on your phone, tablet, and browser.

Source: Peloton | Via: Android Authority