Philips Hue unveils new smart lighting products and Spotify integration

Philips Hue unveils new smart lighting products and Spotify integration

Philips has updated its Hue range of smart lighting solutions with a host of new products. The latest additions to the Philips Hue lineup include new gradient lighting strips and tubes, updated floor and table lamps, and brighter bulbs. Along with the new products, Philips has also announced a partnership with Spotify, bringing support for a new algorithm that will sync your smart lights to your favorite music.

According to Android Policethe new Philips Hue range consists of a new gradient light strip and the Hue Play gradient light tube. The company has also updated its Signe floor and table lamps with gradient lighting support. Additionally, the company has released a new range of Hue bulbs that can output up to 1,100 lumens or 1,600 lumens of light. The bulbs are available in white, white ambiance, and white and color ambiance options.


If you’re interested in Philips’ new Hue lighting range, you can pick up the upgraded Signe table lamp for $200 and the Signe floor lamp for $200 starting October 12th. You’ll have to wait a while for the ambiance gradient light strip, though, as it will go on sale starting January 18th at $70 for a 1m extension. The new 1,100 lumen bulb is already available for purchase at a starting price of $15, while the 1,600 lumen variants will go on sale on October 12th starting at $60.

Philips Hue Spotify integration


As mentioned earlier, Philips has also announced a partnership with Spotify to offer users a new algorithm that syncs your smart light to music. This integration is already available for early access users on the Philips Hue app (v4.0), and you can start using it by linking your Philips Hue account with your Spotify account. Do note that you’ll need a Philips Hue Bridge and color-capable lights to use this integration. The integration supports both paid and free Spotify account, so you don’t need to get a subscription to try it out.

For more details about the new Philips Hue products and the Spotify integration, head over to this post.

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