PhotoGuard is a vault to secure your private photos and videos

PhotoGuard is a vault to secure your private photos and videos

Our smartphones aren’t just simple pieces of disposable technology—they also carry, and help create, a lot of memories you may want to cherish for months and years to come. Apps like Google Photos help you manage those memories easier by backing them up to the cloud, ensuring they survive and allowing users to see them on multiple devices. But some of those memories may be more private than others, and you may not want everyone snooping into your gallery to stumble upon them. So what do you do? You download an app like PhotoGuard. PhotoGuard is a vault that helps you hide away your private photos, whether they have sensitive information or you simply want to keep them for yourself.


Some features include:

  • Hiding away sensitive photos and videos, allowing users to access them inside the app
  • PIN/pattern/password protection for secured items
  • Secured items are fully encrypted and never stored on a third-party server, only on your device

Setting up PhotoGuard on Android 9 Pie.

You can download and give PhotoGuard a shot by clicking on the Play Store link below. Also, check out the official thread at our forums for more information.

Check out PhotoGuard in our forums now!

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