Photos Emerge of the Sailfish Nexus of 2016!

Photos Emerge of the Sailfish Nexus of 2016!

Earlier in the day today, a new Twitter account gave the world a glimpse of what is claimed to be the new Nexus device.

Very little was mentioned of the device. What was mentioned was that the phone was a 2016 HTC Nexus, and it looked much like a Nexus 4 and iPhone mashup. In a separate text tweet later on, the same user went on to mention:

Two devices. One premium (last tweet), one glossy plastic (lower end). Both looked like smaller devices (<5.5 inch screens).

Again, not a lot of info. Interestingly, the part that seemed off in this tweet was the mention of glossy plastic on the smaller of the Nexus phones. This went against common info at this time, which is that both the Nexus devices would be near identical save for the screen size and smaller battery and dimensions (all of which are consequences of the size change). This new information points towards the smaller device being the less premium of the two.

Now, not to be bested by random photos on the internet, Android Police has gone ahead and given us a clearer look at the Sailfish Nexus. This is the smaller 5″ brother of the pair of HTC Nexus this year, both of which will be the same in design and material choice and even specs.

Sailfish Nexus

Shoddy crop job aside, the HTC Sailfish Nexus image gives us a decent look at what to expect from the upcoming crop of the Nexus brand.

In case you can’t figure out too much from the image (I wouldn’t blame you), here are a few observations:

  • The chin on the device looks substantial, but is likely to be equally sized on the top and the bottom. The angling makes it appear larger.
  • The back of the device resembles the HTC A9 to some extent. This observation is based primarily on the flat appearance of the back, along with the muted antenna band, and the slight edge curve. It looks a lot like the HTC A9 if it had a mid-frame.
  • There is a glass portion on the top of the device. Android Police mentions that there will be no plastic variation in the Nexus duo to their knowledge, so the leaker on Twitter may have observed incorrectly.
  • The glass portion on the top was expected to be for radio signal reception, but the existence of the antenna band confuses us to the true purpose of it. Is it just an aesthetic choice?
  • Android Police believes that there will be a “G” logo on the back somewhere, instead of the “Nexus” branding that is usually seen on Nexus devices.

One may argue that the leak shows the device in very unflattering angles (and very sharp edges, but that’s just the crop job), but this is our best look at the new Nexus so far. So there you have it, the 5″ Nexus Sailfish of 2016.

What are your thoughts on the Nexus Sailfish based on these photos? Let us know in the comments below!

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