Picture-in-Picture Mode Now Working on Desktop Google Chrome 68+

Picture-in-Picture Mode Now Working on Desktop Google Chrome 68+

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Picture-in-Picture mode is one of those features that you can experience more conveniently on your Android device than you can on your desktop computer. Google Chrome on Android 8.0+ allows full-screen videos to work in a smaller, reduced window which is drawn over all other applications, making it very convenient when you want to multitask and still want your video to continue on.

On desktop Google Chrome, this feature was promised to us last year in the form of a Picture-in-Picture Web API specification. This spec aimed to allow websites to initiate and control PiP behaviour. We found evidence that the feature was on its way to desktop Google Chrome soon, and now, the feature is finally available to use if you do not mind using an extension.

google chrome picture-in-picture mode

Reddit user kasik96 has shared how he got PiP working on desktop Google Chrome. You do need Chrome 68 or beyond for this extension to work, and you also need the extension, obviously. Kasik96 has shared some easy-to-follow instructions for getting the extension working, so you can head on over to his github for the extension files and the tutorial.

The extension demonstrates the PiP API available in recent versions of Chrome. Since these settings have not been made available for the general user base on the stable channel, it is safe to assume that there are some bugs and kinks that the Chrome team would like to iron out before such a release. But if you have the itch to try out features considered bleeding edge, this is a rather straightforward way to try out one such feature.

When does the PiP feature go live for the general user base? That is something only time, or the Chrome team, can tell. For now, we can enjoy the goodies in just a few steps.

Source: Reddit (kasik96)