Picture Manager’s latest updates add duplicate and similar image finder, EXIF editor, and more

Picture Manager’s latest updates add duplicate and similar image finder, EXIF editor, and more

Apps like Google Photos have largely taken the pain out of organizing photos for users who do not mind sharing them with Google. But there are users who prefer keeping their memories private and stored locally. This is where apps like Picture Manager come in, allowing users to up their organization game by automatically timestamping and organizing photos in a few different ways. We previously covered the app in April 2018, and since then, the app by XDA Recognized Developer j to the 4n has received updates that have added in more key functionalities.

Changelog for Picture Manager’s last few updates are as below:

  • v2.0.0:
    • Introducing duplicate and similar image finder
      • Find duplicate images with crc32 calculation
      • Find similar images with PHash and AverageHash
      • Option to calculate bluriness of an image
    • Added option to copy instead moving files for organizer
    • Counter now accepts leading zeros to be defined
    • Some UI changes and fixes
  • v3.0.0:
    • Added EXIF Editor:
      • Single and Batch Mode available to edit 149 EXIF attributes
      • Batch Mode with conditions
      • Delete all EXIF Attributes
    • Added option to backup and restore picture manager settings
    • Some UI changes. Trying to make it easier for new users
    • Updated android-gif-drawable library to fix CVE-2019-11932

Key highlights of the recent updates are the ability to find duplicate images and similar images, as well as the Exif Editor which can function in single edit mode and batch edit mode for as many as 149 EXIF attributes. The update also fixes the “double-free bug” as defined in the CVE-2019-11932.

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