Pimp Your Xperia with Impressive Animations

Pimp Your Xperia with Impressive Animations

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Unlike Apple’s iOS or Microsoft’s Windows Phone, Android gives users tons of customization options. Almost every element of the user interface can be changed through third party applications, Xposed Framework modules, or simply through reverse engineering. Additionally, many OEMs also apply their own custom UIs in order to make their devices seem unique.

One OEM with quite a lot in terms of skin customization is Sony. Animations and fancy transitions are just a small part of Sony’s UI tweaks. If you feel that there could be more, XDA Senior Member kalel2012 prepared a guide that shows you how to add an animated background to the pulldown notification and system settings.

The provided method uses Apktool and any available notepad app. If you are using Windows, you should consider using Notepad++. The process of adding these animations is very simple, as kalel2012 provided all resources required in the process. If you’re planning to add them to your current Sony ROM, you need to edit just a few lines in SystemUI.

The guide can be used if your device is running the official or modded Sony firmware in the version 4.4. If you’re looking to get into some device customization, head over to the Animated Background System And Puldown Notification thread to learn more.