PIN-Protect Your Connection with Internet Lock

PIN-Protect Your Connection with Internet Lock

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A common and incredibly effective tool to boost productivity is to limit your casual Internet usage. After all, one can’t be blamed for drifting into endless bouts of slacking amidst the Internet’s many lolcat images and Trololo videos.

On a desktop computer, limiting your casual Internet access can be accomplished in a variety of ways. One of my personal favorites is to use the Chrome extension StayFocusd. While it obviously doesn’t stop all IP traffic, it prevents you from using Chrome to slack off (at least if you remember to allow the extension to run in Incognito Mode). Unfortunately, there’s no direct equivalent for this on Android. There are, however, other ways of limiting casual Internet usage on your mobile device.

One such tool is Internet Lock by XDA Forum Member msappz. The application was originally created to prevent the developer’s child from accidentally incurring data charges on a prepaid mobile data plan. That said, it functions as an incredibly effective simple barrier to casual Internet usage, and you may find that it boosts your productivity dramatically.

Internet Lock works on both WiFi and mobile data connections. Connections are protected via a secret PIN. Without this PIN, other users will not be able to connect to the Internet. And even though you presumably will know your own device’s preset PIN, having an extra barrier between you and the world of memetastic image macros is never a bad thing.

Head over to the application thread to get started.