Google Reveals Pixel 2 Launch Date as Pixel 2 XL Stops by the FCC

Google Reveals Pixel 2 Launch Date as Pixel 2 XL Stops by the FCC

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Almost as if Google was simply waiting for the hype surrounding the new iPhone to die down, the company has started to ramp up public interest in their upcoming smartphone. We’ve covered the details of the Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL on multiple occasions and it looks like we’re less than three weeks away from a launch date. Not only did the the Pixel 2 XL make an appearance at the FCC, but Google is now teasing the date October 4th.

The smaller of the new Google smartphones, the Pixel 2, had already received its FCC certification. Since these two devices are being manufactured by two different companies, it makes sense that they were submitted to the FCC at different times. Some interesting information pulled from these documents do not have any mention of T-Mobile’s new 600 MHz LTE band 71 in there. That doesn’t mean it couldn’t be added later and enabled in an OTA update (after new certification), but it isn’t mentioned in the current documents.

While this is a letdown for some T-Mobile customers who are wanting a future-proof smartphone, realistically it will be years before T-Mobile finishes rolling out that new network (we’re talking late 2020 here). This isn’t an excuse, but it should be something that potential customers should be aware of. Other supported connectivity details here include 4×4 MIMO LTE Bands 2, 4, 66, 7 and 41, up to 3xCA and LTE Category 11.

Along with this, we’re also seeing Google’s marketing campaign begin with billboards going up in certain locations. All it says on them though is “ask more of your phone” and then lists the date October 4th. This is right in line with what we saw last year too so it shouldn’t be any surprise that this is for the upcoming Pixel smartphones. Google even uploaded the embedded video above that highlights popular questions people search for about their smartphones.

At the end of the video, it links to an October 4th landing page where you can enter your email address and be notified of any new information.

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