DxOMark’s camera reviews of the Pixel 3 and OnePlus 6T are up

DxOMark’s camera reviews of the Pixel 3 and OnePlus 6T are up

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As you may know, DxOMark is a website that provides image quality ratings for smartphone cameras (and other types of cameras). Phone makers like to use these rating to brag about their cameras. In the past, Google and OnePlus have touted DxOMark ratings during their phone announcements. That didn’t happen this year, but the DxOMark reviews are finally up.

We’ll start with the Pixel 3 (and Pixel 3 XL), which received a score of 101 (103 photo, 98 video). That puts the Pixel 3 behind 7 other phones overall but tied for first among phones with single cameras. Google has improved the camera across the board from the Pixel 2. However, the Pixel 3 struggled in areas where dual-camera phones excel. For example, the Pixel 3 bests the Galaxy Note 9 in nearly every category, but it can’t compete in zoom and bokeh. 98 is the best score for video quality.

Pixel 3 XL XDA Forum

Next up is the OnePlus 6T, which received a score of 98 (101 photo, 91 video). That score puts the OnePlus 6T just outside of the top 10, below the Pixel 2 and above the iPhone X. The photo score is pretty close to the Pixel 3, beating it in autofocus and texture. Despite the secondary camera, the OnePlus 6T also struggles with zoom and bokeh. This is a pretty good review for a OnePlus device. The 91 video score is pretty average, however.

OnePlus 6T XDA Forum

DxOMark reviews can be controversial as some people don’t think they accurately represent the quality of a camera. Regardless of your opinion, it’s nice to have some sort of score for comparison. That doesn’t mean you can’t prefer one over the other. What do you think of these reviews?

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