Like the Nexus 6P, some Pixel 3 owners are reporting early shutdowns

Like the Nexus 6P, some Pixel 3 owners are reporting early shutdowns

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If you or someone you know owned a Nexus 6P, you may remember a lot of hubbub about early shutdowns. A lot of people had issues with bootlooping, which actually led to a lawsuit and payouts. Now, some Pixel 3/3 XL owners are having similar issues with early shutdowns.

The reports apparently started back in April and have slowly tricked in at a fairly steady pace since then. The problems occur when the Pixel 3 gets to around 30-20% of battery remaining. For some, the battery will begin to drain so quickly they can literally watch it go to zero. For others, the device will simply shut down before it should.

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So far, Google hasn’t been able to give a good reason for the issues. They’ve instructed people to perform factory resets and use the phone in safe mode, but neither fixes the problem. Most people have ended up RMAing their device after going through Google’s process, but some have even had the problems with a replacement Pixel 3.

The good news is this doesn’t seem to be as big of an issue as the old Nexus 6P saga. At least not yet. Google is likely proceeding with extreme caution to try to avoid another lawsuit. The Pixel 3 is only a year old, so it’s possible more issues will pop up as it ages. Have you noticed any issues like this?

Source: Google Support, Twitter | Via: Android Police