Pixel 5 teardown video reveals the internals of Google’s flagship phone

Pixel 5 teardown video reveals the internals of Google’s flagship phone

The Google Pixel 5 is now available across the world, giving people plenty of time to see what the device is all about. While there are more than enough reviews out there, what really caught our attention is a new teardown video from YouTuber PBKreviews.

Right out of the gate, PBKreviews addresses reports about there being a gap between the Pixel 5’s display and body. Apparently, some owners have noticed that the display doesn’t sit flush with the chassis — and the issue doesn’t appear to be isolated to one color or storage size, which is very concerning.

However, PBKreviews attempts to allay those fears by explaining that even if your display is a little raised, it should still be protected from water and dust damage. The display uses a ton of adhesive and there are also little latches around the frame, making it difficult for stuff to get in. Having a raised display on your brand new phone isn’t ideal, but you can seemingly rest easy based on the video’s findings.


The video goes on to provide insight into other engineering decisions in the Pixel 5. Early on, we find that Google’s device was unable to fit a standard earpiece speaker inside the device, and instead used a module that produces sound by vibrating the display panel.

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We also get a look at the circular haptic motor, which doesn’t produce effects that are quite as premium as we’ve seen in other phones. If you have the desire to take apart the Pixel 5 yourself, or perhaps you want to fix something yourself, the video from PBKreviews is a good template for getting past all the screws, cables, and adhesive hiding inside Google’s latest device.

As for the larger problem plaguing the Pixel 5’s display gap, it doesn’t seem as bad as things might first appear, but better to ere on the side of caution. Better yet, you might consider contacting Google to see if you can get a replacement.

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