The Pixel 6 Fabric Case will come in many different colors

The Pixel 6 Fabric Case will come in many different colors

Google typically offers first-party fabric cases with each new Pixel phone. Although the company didn’t release a fabric case for the recently launched Pixel 5a, it seems like the company will be offering fabric cases for the upcoming Pixel 6 duo.

Listings of the upcoming Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro fabric cases have been spotted on North American mobile accessory distributor VoiceComm‘s website (via @rquandt). The listings reveal that Google will offer fabric cases for the Pixel 6 in three colorways, while the flagship Pixel 6 Pro will receive four options. These include:

The listings also mention that the cases will retail for $29, and they include the following feature description:

  • Stylish colors and machine-washable fabric keep the case looking great season after season
  • The slim, raised-edge design helps keep the screen and camera safe from scratches
  • Uses over 70% recycled material, including fabric made from recycled plastic water bottles
  • It’s made to fit the Pixel perfectly, so users can still use wireless charging and squeeze the sides to talk to Google Assistant
  • Keep the case on for wireless charging or using Battery Share

While this description could be a placeholder, it’s interesting to note that it mentions both Active Edge support and Battery Share. For the unaware, the last two Pixel devices didn’t offer both these features together; the Pixel 4 offered Active Edge support but not Battery Share, and the Pixel 5 had Battery Share but no Active Edge support. This leads us to believe that it’s not just placeholder text, and the Pixel 6 series might bring back Active Edge support, which Google dropped from the Pixel line with the Pixel 4a.

At the moment, we can’t confirm whether the Pixel 6 series will feature both Active Edge support and Battery Share or not. We’ll make sure to let you know as soon as we have more info.

Update: After publishing this article, it was pointed out to us on Twitter that this retailer used the same wording in the case description for the Pixel 5 and 4a 5G, so it’s likely this text is indeed placeholder. Hence, it can’t be used as evidence the Pixel 6 will support Active Edge.

Featured image: Pixel 5 with fabric case

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