Grocery tracking might soon appear on Pixel At a Glance widget

Grocery tracking might soon appear on Pixel At a Glance widget

Google has a few special software features reserved for its Pixel smartphones, and one of them is the ‘At a Glance’ widget. Even though a widget with the same name is available on all Android devices (provided by the Google app), the version on Pixel phones has additional integrations and a slightly-different look. If a new report is accurate, it might even show the status of grocery pickups and deliveries.

9to5Google looked through the code for the latest Google Search app update, and found a few strings that mention grocery deliveries and pickups. There aren’t many details yet, but it looks like Google will check your Gmail inbox for messages about grocery pickups and deliveries, like it already does for upcoming plane trips and other event data. The widget will then display the scheduled time for a pickup, if a pickup is ready, the scheduled time for a delivery, or a confirmation that an order has been delivered.

<string name=”ambient_settings_grocery_subtitle”>Grocery deliveries and pickups from Gmail</string><string name=”assistant_grocery_pickup_pre_static”>%1$s pickup scheduled at %2$s</string><string name=”assistant_grocery_pickup_ready”>%1$s pickup ready now</string><string name=”assistant_grocery_delivery_pre_static”>%1$s delivery scheduled at %2$s</string><string name=”assistant_grocery_delivery_completed”>%1$s order delivered</string>

If the widget’s only data source is Gmail, that means the feature will rely on scraping data from emails sent by grocery pickup and delivery providers. Some retailers have stopped including specific details about items ordered, such as Amazon, presumably to prevent Google from easily learning a customer’s purchase history. However, as long as the timing of a grocery or pickup order is present, the widget might work as intended.

Google has rolled out other updates for the At a Glance widget over the past few months. As early as January of this year, the widget started showing Nest doorbell alerts for some people, at the same time as the Nest app normally sends a push notification. Google also started rolling out an indicator for the battery and connection status of Bluetooth devices in April.

Source: 9to5Google

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