The Pixel Experience custom ROM will be getting more features in the latest updates

The Pixel Experience custom ROM will be getting more features in the latest updates

The original goal of Pixel Experience was to offer a custom ROM that was stable while also including the features that are available on Pixel devices. The scope of the ROM has grown in a number of ways over the years with a recent change being the addition of CAF versions of the ROM as opposed to only AOSP versions. The team recently announced a slew of customization features in their official Telegram channel (@PixelExperience) which will be available in the CAF and AOSP builds of the ROM (starting with the May 2019 Android security patch build).

Some fans of the Pixel Experience ROM have been asking its developers to add in some additional features. The goal was to always focus on stability and porting over Pixel features. That has made the custom ROM what it is today, but it also means others have avoided it due to it not having some core custom ROM features that people have grown to expect. So, in the next official build of Pixel Experience, we are told to expect the following new features:



  • Invert navbar keys (disabled by default)
  • Volume wake (disabled by default)
  • Volume music control (disabled by default)
  • Torch on power menu (disabled by default)
  • Disable power menu on lockscreen (disabled by default)
  • Ability to take screenshots using hardware physical keys (for devices without navigation bar)

Status Bar

  • 4G/LTE toggle
  • VoLTE icon toggle (disabled by default, unavailable on devices with notch)
  • Quick pulldown (disabled by default)
  • Traffic Indicator (disabled, hidden unavailable on devices with notch)
  • Disable qs on lockscreen (disabled by default)


  • Battery pulse when low toggle (enabled by default)


  • LiveDisplay
  • Switch to dark theme based on time of the day
  • Pocket detection (disabled by default)
  • Double tap to sleep on statusbar and lockscreen (disabled by default)
  • Ability to force full screen and ignore notch, useful for games and Netflix (inspired by MIUI)
  • Custom accents color

Sound and Vibration

  • Vibrate on connect call (disabled by default)
  • Ringtone chooser for 2nd sim card
  • FP vibration (enabled by default, AOSP behavior)
  • Screenshot sound (enabled by default, AOSP behavior)


  • Lockscreen art toggle (enabled by default, AOSP behavior)

QS Tiles

  • Sync
  • Heads up
  • Caffeine
  • LiveDisplay and reading mode

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