How to get the Pixel Launcher with overview text and image selection on any rooted Android 10 device

How to get the Pixel Launcher with overview text and image selection on any rooted Android 10 device

When Google switched up the Overview screen in Android P, they introduced a new feature called “Smart Selection.” Basically, switching the Pixel Launcher Overview to horizontal scrolling cards with high-resolution previews allowed OCR (optical character recognition) to work on them. You can literally select text and images from what is essentially a screenshot of the last state of the app. Unfortunately, Google limited this feature to the Pixel 2 and newer Pixel devices.

Of course, these limitations are easily broken if you’re willing to do a little modding. You can get text and image selection working on the Pixel Launcher Overview screen on any rooted Android 10 device with the QuickSwitch Magisk Module and a few other tricks. Thanks to XDA Senior Member remewer, if you already have a rooted ARM64 Android 10 device with Magisk (20.1+), the setup process is pretty simple.


Note: Installing Device Personalization Services may not work on your device and may result in a bootloop. Your mileage may vary. If this happens, you can remove the module in /data/adb/modules.

  1. Install the Pixel Launcher APK (found here) but do not set it as your default launcher.
  2. Open the Magisk Manager and search for the QuickSwitch module, created by the Lawnchair team.
  3. Install the module and reboot your phone.
  4. Open QuickSwitch and select Pixel Launcher as the Recents provider. Reboot your phone.
  5. Set Pixel Launcher as your default launcher.
  6. Install the Device Personalization Services Magisk module found here, created by XDA Senior Member paphonb and modified by us. Reboot your phone.
  7. Open the Pixel Launcher settings and select Suggestions and enable both options.
  8. That’s it!

Pixel Launcher with Overview Selection on the OnePlus 6

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