Pixel Stand update adds the setup flow for the Pixel 6’s new stand and Material You redesign

Pixel Stand update adds the setup flow for the Pixel 6’s new stand and Material You redesign

The Google Pixel 6 is officially coming out on October 18. Alongside it, we also expect to see the debut of the 2nd Pixel Stand. Like the Pixel 6 series, the upcoming Pixel Stand has leaked heavily over the past few weeks. We already know how it will look like, and we also know it will feature an improved coil setup that enables a significantly faster charging speed. With the official reveal just three days away, more information has emerged about the Pixel Stand.

As first spotted by Mishaal Rahman, Google recently pushed a new update to the Pixel Stand app, and it adds the setup flow for the upcoming Stand.


The landing page reads, “Charing is optimized based on your usage. You can change how Pixel Stand charges your phone at any time.” On the next page, users can select between three charging modes:

  • Optimized: Optimizes charging based on your usage. Recommended for most situations.
  • Max: Charges as rapidly as possible. Fan may be louder at times.
  • Quite: Minimizes noise by limiting fan speed. Phone may charge slower.

The final page says you will be able to control your connected devices like lights, thermostats, and so on while your phone is on the Stand.

Aside from adding the setup flow for the new Pixel Stand, the update also brings along a Material You makeover, complete with full support for dynamic colors.

As per previous leaks, the 2nd-gen Pixel Stand will offer up to 23W wireless charging speed for select Pixel models and up to 15W for Qi-certified devices. It will have a dual-coil set up with a dedicated coil for wearables and an active cooling fan. The Stand will reportedly retail for $79 in the US.

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