Play and Pause Music with Your Device’s ‘Search’ Key

Play and Pause Music with Your Device’s ‘Search’ Key

If you just read our interview with Geniusdog254 but weren’t familiar with his work, this is a prime example of a small, useful, ‘why-didn’t-I-think-of-that?’ tool that he created a few months ago.

Owners of almost any Android device will be familiar with the ‘search’ key found on their handset. While it can be extremely handy when performing certain tasks such as web-browsing and looking for applications in the Market, there are times in which the button could be put to better use.

Geniusdog254‘s Search2Play modification allows you to play and pause your music simply by pressing your Android device’s ‘search’ key. For devices with capacitive buttons, the screen must be switched on for this to function but for devices with physical, separate keys the modification can even be used when the phone is on standby.

To give the tool a try, visit the modification thread.

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