Play Store Search Suggestions appear to be more widely rolling out

Play Store Search Suggestions appear to be more widely rolling out

Back in December last year, a single user tipped AndroidPolice that Google was beginning to test search suggestions in the Google Play Store. At the time, however, only this single user was seeing this server side change. However, recently this feature appears to be rolling out more widely, as multiple members of our team are now seeing search suggestions in the Play Store.

Tapping on any of these buttons will add the term to your search query, allowing you to narrow down existing results. There are more search terms that can be access if one swipes to the left, but presumably Google is ranking search terms by popularity since myself and other members of the XDA team are all seeing the same search suggestions when we search for the same thing. Once a search suggestion (or multiple) is chosen, the green block turns white and displays an X that can be tapped to remove the search term from your query.

For those of you who use Google’s image search regularly, these search suggestions may be familiar to you. These suggestions can be useful when you have a general idea of what you’re looking for, but aren’t sure exactly of what to enter into the search bar. Given the millions of apps on the Play Store, any enhancements to the way we search through it is certainly welcome. We just hope that eventually the Play Store adds proper search filters to help out those of us who know exactly what we’re looking for.

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