This app brings back the missing Play Store notifications for updates

This app brings back the missing Play Store notifications for updates

Over the last few months, people have noticed an issue with app update notifications from the Play Store. Traditionally, when an app was updated in the Play Store, a notification would tell the user that “[app] was updated.” Recently, people noticed this notification wasn’t showing up, and Google confirmed the removal was intentional. Thankfully, you can download an app to bring it back.

Notifications for app updates may seem unimportant to some people, but many others found them useful. These notifications were nice reminders of apps being updated in the background, and to some people, they served as reminders to check out the app. Whatever the case may be, if you miss seeing these Play Store notifications, XDA Senior Member farmerbb created an app that can bring them back.


AppNotifier can show a notification each time an app is newly installed or updated on your device. You can choose whether notifications are shown for apps from the Play Store or even sideloaded apps. AppNotifier generates notifications using the data from apps on your phone, which means it can’t detect when an app is in the middle of installing. If an app’s name differs between the Play Store listing and the actual app on your device, the latter will be used.

The app is super simple to set up and provides a pretty simple feature that some people were missing. If you want your app update notifications back, check out AppNotififier on GitHub or install it from the Play Store below. Have you noticed the absence of these notifications? Do you miss them?

Developer: Braden Farmer
Price: Free

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