Playable game demos are finally possible on the Google Play Store

Playable game demos are finally possible on the Google Play Store

Have you ever came across a cool-looking game on Play Store that you’re not sure if it’s worth installing? From now on, you’ll be able to try games on Play Store before downloading or buying them. AppOnBoard Demos are now integrated into Google Instant Apps. Any developer can give users the ability to play a demo version of the application before it actually ends up on the device’s internal storage.

Previously, the technology was only available to AppOnBoard’s advertising partners. Now, Google has partnered with the company to bring a “Try Now” button to the Play Store. The Chief Operating Officer at AppOnBoard, Bryan Buskas, told GamesBeat that “[their] long-term vision is aligned with Google’s,” and that everyone should be able to “play and experience any app or game without a download.”


Jam City was one of the 10 developers to first try AppOnBoard Demos. You can try some of their games, such as Panda Pop, which works surprisingly well considering it doesn’t actually install and opens almost instantly. After finishing one round of the game, the Instant App offers to install the full version. Apparently, the company has spent the last two years to develop the technology which will help developers re-create their games and apps in a smaller form while saving a bunch of time and resources. Here is the demo of how Cookie Jam Blast’s demo version works:

AppOnBoard also mentioned that game demos help developers get up to 32% more retention, have more return players, and better monetization. After all, AppOnBoard is known for its advertising network, so they’re pretty serious about monetization. Demos will also have built-in analytics, like the company’s patent-pending heat map technology that provides touch feedback about how users interact with the application or a game.

The AppOnBoard App Store is launching as a 30-day demo. After that, developers will have to pay a monthly fee. There’s no mention of the exact price yet. We’ll make sure to update the article as soon as the information emerges. Considering how much time and effort AppOnBoard saves for developers, I’m sure that many of major companies, as well as indie developers, will use the technology to gain more users and advertise their apps and games. You can sign up for the AppOnBoard Demo free trial from the link below.

Sign up for AppOnBoard Demo 3o-day free trial

Via: VentureBeat

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