Try your luck with Amazon UK’s PlayStation 5 restock, going live in a few minutes!

Try your luck with Amazon UK’s PlayStation 5 restock, going live in a few minutes!

Update 1 (11/19/2020 @ 07:30 AM ET): As expected, the PS5 has quickly gone out of stock. The article as published on November 19, 2020, at 06:50 AM ET, is preserved below.

Trying to get your hands on Sony’s latest console and not having much luck? You’re not the only one. It has been notoriously difficult to get a PlayStation 5 for many, but rumblings of additional stock going live in the UK have been heard. Now, at noon GMT, you should be able to order some of Amazon UK’s stock on the new console!

Now, I say should, because it’s not absolutely confirmed this stock will go live at this exact time. GamesRadar is reporting that customers are receiving e-mails mentioning that date and time, but Amazon is known to not always being the most timely with putting the stock live. There have been many occasions that they’ll say a time and then the stock won’t go live for a few minutes after. It’s a bit frustrating, but if you’re diligent, watching the page from 12PM GMT onwards should net you a chance at the elusive PlayStation 5.


GamesRadar’s report doesn’t mention if this restock is for the normal PlayStation 5, or the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition. Thankfully, the Amazon UK store page has both of them in different tabs, so it shouldn’t be hard to switch to the version you want.

If you don’t see it right away, or miss out on the restock, don’t give up just yet. The PlayStation 5 is likely to drift in and out of stock throughout the day. Maybe a warehouse finds more stock, or orders are canceled for some reason or another. You never know what may happen, especially on the UK launch day. Keep hitting that F5 key!

    Trying for a PlayStation 5? Amazon UK is reported to have stock at noon GMT. Check in early and hope for a hit... and for Amazon to put the listing live on time!

We’ll try to keep you notified of stock that promises to be live more than a few minutes on the PlayStation 5, as well as advice and tips to try to get one as retailers start to release their Black Friday stock. Keep your eyes peeled!

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