Discord officially rolls out PlayStation integration, complete with game status support

Discord officially rolls out PlayStation integration, complete with game status support

Monday was already a big day for PlayStation news, as Sony revealed that it’s working to acquire Destiny 2 developer Bungie, but that’s not all. Discord, the popular messaging platform primarily aimed at gaming, is finally rolling out PlayStation account integration. The new functionality gives PlayStation players the same game status indicator that PC and Xbox players have had for a while, and a few other helpful features.

Discord announced in a blog post, “starting today, we’re gradually rolling out the ability to link your PSN account from Discord and display your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 game activity in your user profile! If you’ve ever connected your Discord account to another service that allows you to display your activity, it works similarly here: once your Discord account is linked, the game you’re currently playing on either PS4™ or PS5™ will be shown as your activity, just like that! You can even opt to display your PlayStation™Network online ID on your profile so your Discord friends can add you and tag along.”

Discord profile with a PlayStation game displayed

PlayStation game activity in Discord (Credit: Discord)

Sony and Discord announced a partnership back in May 2021, and the two companies said at the time they were working to integrate Discord with PlayStation’s services. The new functionality matches the Xbox console support that was rolled out in April 2018, which displays any game you’re currently playing on your Discord profile. Before that point, the “playing a game” profile feature only worked with PC games.

There’s still no native Discord application for PlayStation consoles (or any other consoles, for that matter), so if you want to send messages or join a group call, you’ll still need to reach for your phone or computer. Given the ongoing partnership between Sony and Discord, perhaps that will arrive at some point in the future. In the meantime, Sony (and Microsoft) has supply chain issues to work out.

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