Here are the new games on PlayStation Now in August 2021

Here are the new games on PlayStation Now in August 2021

Sony has announced the games that will be added to its PlayStation Now platform in the month of August, and the games are fairly enjoyable ones, including Undertale and Nier: Automata. It’s not quite as big as last month’s offering of Red Dead Redemption 2, etc., but it’s still a good lineup for subscribers to the platform.

For those who don’t know, PS Now is Sony’s game streaming service, which grants subscribers access to a catalog of games from as far back as the PS3 era that they can stream (or in some cases, download) to their PlayStation device or PC. It somewhat resembles Xbox Games Pass, in that you can stream and play as many of these games as you wish while your subscription is active.


Unlike last month, where we got several games, this month we go back to the traditional three-game offering. The games coming to PS Now this month are:

  • Nier Automata: In this Platinum action RPG, set in a post-apocalyptic Earth from which humans were driven by machines. Gamers play as humanoid androids 9S, 2B, and A2, as they battle their way across the ruined world and destroy machines along the way.
  • Ghostrunner: This first-person action game casts the player as a fierce, blade-wielding hero in a cyberpunk dystopia. They must parkour their way around a huge tower into which the entire human race shelters and take down the powers that be one slice and dice at a time.
  • Undertale: Toby Fox’s groundbreaking RPG offers players the option to settle their problems nonviolently — and doing so offers wildly different outcomes. It’s a delightful tale with colorful, memorable characters, an enjoyable battle system, and amazing music.

Out of all three games, Ghostrunner and Undertale are permanent additions, while Nier Automata is available until November 1. All three games will be available to play starting on August 3.

Leaving the service this month are Jump Force, added in May, and WWE 2K Battlegrounds, added in February. PlayStation Now doesn’t note the end dates in the corresponding monthly announcements, but you can find them in previous announcements.

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