Popular Android podcast player ‘Pocket Casts’ now has an open beta

Popular Android podcast player ‘Pocket Casts’ now has an open beta

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Very often, developers need some human power to do the testing of their applications. In these kinds of times, they use the beta program. Basically, what a beta program means is that developers make an unstable channel for those who are not afraid of bugs. Joining a beta program means that you agree with being on the bleeding-edge. Beta testers often give feedback and help developers in fixing bugs and improving the application. Pocket Casts has just announced that their beta program is now open. This means that anyone can join it and try new features before anyone else.

If you don’t already know, Pocket Casts is a go-to podcast application for Android users. While it is completely multiplatform and offers applications on iOS and web too, I’ve found that a lot of their customer base are Android users. It is currently the only competitor that Google should be afraid of after rolling out their own podcast application. Pocket Casts currently has more than half a million users on Android.


So, as I’ve already said, you can now join Pocket Casts’ open beta program to try new features, report bugs, and help improve the application. It was previously only available as a closed private beta. Just follow the link here or head to the Play Store link below and tap ‘Join Beta’. Of course, you have to buy the application first, if you haven’t already.