Pocket Casts v7 brings a Material Theme overhaul in open beta

Pocket Casts v7 brings a Material Theme overhaul in open beta

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Pocket Casts is one of the most popular podcast applications in the Play Store and iOS App Store. The developers have been working hard on keeping it updated with new features and improvements for years. Recently, the app was purchased by NPR, an organization that invests heavily in podcasts. The team has been working on a massive update and it’s finally here with version 7.

Version 7 adds a number of new features, but the most noticeable change is the Material Theme redesign. Pocket Casts has looked the same for a long time, but it finally has a brand new look. The side menu has been removed in favor of four tabs across the bottom: Podcasts, Filters, Discover, and Profile. There is a new “Extra Dark” theme for OLED displays. Settings have been reorganized so they are easier to find. The new look is a big departure from the classic old design, but it feels like an improvement.

Besides the new look, there are also some new features. You can listen to podcasts without having to subscribe first, which means you can play right from the Discover tab. It’s now possible to search a podcast series so you can find an episode easily. A big feature that Pocket Casts power users have been asking for is syncing the Up Next queue between devices. That is finally possible in version 7.

Listening History shows a timeline of all the episodes you’ve listened to. Also, the Archive feature now saves the play status, so you can easily see if you already listened to an episode that has been archived. The developers say there are a lot of other features, both consumer-facing and under the hood, in version 7. The update is available now for Android in an open beta. Find the app in the Play Store and opt-in to the beta to give it a try.

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