POCO F1 gets Pixel Experience based on Android Pie

POCO F1 gets Pixel Experience based on Android Pie

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The POCO F1 is one of the most affordable flagship smartphones in the market right now. Not only does it seriously undercut its rivals in terms of price, but it also delivers upon its promise of offering powerful and speedy performance without cutting too many corners. The development scene for the device has been going at a steady pace as of late and we have already seen quite a few popular ROMs and mods make their way to the POCO F1.

We already have the Pixel Experience based on Android 8.1 for the POCO F1. Now, thanks to the efforts of XDA Senior Member jhenrique09, the first official build of Pixel Experience based on Android Pie has been released for the device, allowing POCO users to try out many of the Pixel-exclusive software features.

We took the ROM for a quick spin and found that all things are working perfectly fine except the Wi-Fi hotspot, which seems to be broken for the time being. If that’s not a deal breaker for you, the ROM seems quite fine as a daily driver and it even pre-installs the latest version of Gcam ported from the Pixel 3 along with other Pixel-exclusive goodies such as Digital Wellbeing.

Download Pixel Experience Pie for POCO F1 from our forums