POCO Launcher now lets you customize the desktop grid and icon size

POCO Launcher now lets you customize the desktop grid and icon size

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Until the Xiaomi POCO F1, MIUI-powered Xiaomi phones did not come with an app drawer. The MIUI launcher has always been polarizing because of its iOS-like functioning of just having a home screen and skipping the app drawer. This meant that all app icons were shown on the home screen, and many users missed the flexibility of the app drawer, where apps could be arranged alphabetically. Of course, this problem could easily be solved by downloading a third-party launcher, and the likes of Nova Launcher, Lawnchair, and Rootless Pixel Launcher all come with app drawers.

The Xiaomi POCO F1, on other hand, runs a slightly different user interface than other Xiaomi phones. It’s the first phone under Xiaomi’s POCO sub-brand (which is known as the Pocophone brand in different regions), and it’s powered by MIUI for POCO. “MIUI for POCO” comes with the brand new POCO Launcher, which has an app drawer. The POCO Launcher can be installed on all Xiaomi phones, and it acts as an alternative to the MIUI Launcher on Xiaomi’s other phones. The POCO Launcher also has an interesting feature to categorize apps by the color of their app icons. Until now, however, it was missing basic customization icons such as options to change the desktop grid and icon size.

Now, an update to the POCO Launcher is rolling out on the Play Store with a new feature called “Customize Layout” that brings the two aforementioned customization features. Users can now change the desktop grid to either show more or less icons. Icon size can also be increased or decreased now, and increasing icon size will make the app icons look similar to Lawnchair. Both features are basic, but they were much needed.

The POCO Launcher has also supported third-party icon packs from the beginning. Although the launcher’s feature set and customization options aren’t on par with Nova Launcher, it’s still a good first-party launcher for users of the POCO F1. Users can download it from the Play Store link below.