[Update: Developers Picked] POCO needs your help to pick the next developers to get the POCO F1!

[Update: Developers Picked] POCO needs your help to pick the next developers to get the POCO F1!

Last month, Xiaomi’s new sub-brand “POCO” unveiled their first smartphone: the POCO F1. The self-proclaimed “Master of Speed” certainly lives up to its name, but what has people really excited about the device is its value. At a starting price of Rs. 20,999 in India, the POCO F1 brings the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 system-on-chip, 6GB of RAM, a 4,000mAh battery, a 6.18″ FHD+ display, IR face unlock, and much more. It’s one of the few flagship smartphones that’s available at such a low price.

For the XDA community in particular, POCO’s promise of supporting the developer community is really welcome in light of recent news. POCO has followed through on their promise by quickly addressing bootloader unlock concerns, but unless developers actually own the device, the POCO F1’s future on our forums is uncertain. That’s why we’ve teamed up with POCO to kickstart development for the POCO F1. After careful consideration, we selected several developers based on merit and their history of working with Xiaomi products. Now, POCO wants your help in selecting the next batch of developers to receive the device.


We have created the Google Form below so you can rank the 5 developers in order of least likely for you to recommend to most likely for you to recommend. POCO will select 3 developers from this list to receive the device. The poll will close about 48 hours from now, at 11:59 PM CT on September 30th. If you are interested in the POCO F1’s development scene, please take some time to complete the form below.

Update: The 3 developers who have been selected from the poll are Shahan_mik3, Men_in_black007, and Agent_Fabulous. Congratulations to those three!

List of developers who will get the POCO F1

Here is the list of developers that were selected to receive the POCO F1. In parenthesis, I have named the project that they intend to work on.

Lastly, the following 3 developers were selected by the community:

State of POCO F1 Development

Several developers have already received their devices, as pointed out by Jai Mani, Head of Product at POCO. Despite never receiving the device, some of these developers have already managed to release several custom ROMs for the device such as LineageOS, Resurrection Remix, AOSiP, AOSP Extended, and Pixel Experience. Even a Google Camera port with HDR+ and Portrait Mode has been made available.

Just because these developers have managed this feat without a device on hand doesn’t mean you should be content with the current state of development, however. The bring-up of Android Pie for the device will prove to be challenging, and maintaining the device for years to come will need a solid team of developers who are dedicated to the device’s future. We reached out to a number of talented developers to make sure that not only will the POCO F1 remain a staple on our forums, but it will also have a variety of exciting custom ROMs for everyone to enjoy. Follow the XDA Forums for the device to stay up-to-date on the latest news and developments.

Visit the POCO F1 Forums on XDA

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