POCO X2 Development Update 2: AOSP Custom ROMs are flourishing

POCO X2 Development Update 2: AOSP Custom ROMs are flourishing

Xiaomi’s sub-brand POCO made a comeback earlier this year with the launch of a new mid-range device called the POCO X2 (review). Shortly after its launch, POCO sent out a couple of units of the POCO X2 to custom ROM and kernel developers in a bid to kickstart third-party development for the device. Developers on our forums have been hard at work ever since and have already released quite a few custom ROMs, kernels and mods for the device. In our previous development update, we talked about the Paranoid Android, Unofficial LineageOS 17.1, Pixel Experience, and Xiaomi.eu ROMs for the device, along with the Arter97 and Optimus Drunk custom kernels, Google Camera port, and Unofficial TWRP recovery for the POCO X2.


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Since then, developers have released twelve more custom ROMs, a new custom kernel, and a notification/charging light mod on our forums. Here’s a list of all the new custom ROMs, kernels and mods that you can download for your device right now:

POCO X2 Custom ROMs

If you wish to try out the aforementioned custom ROMs on your POCO X2, click on the respective links and then carefully follow the instructions in the forum post to install the ROM on your device. Do note that since some of these ROMs are still in testing, you may face some unwanted bugs. In case you do, you can report the bugs in the forum post and help the developers further improve their custom ROMs.

Along with these custom ROMs, developers have also released the Hardrock custom kernel for the POCO X2 that you can download by following the forum link below. Additionally, you can also try out the notification/charging light mod which will allow you to use the hidden notification LED on the device.

Hardrock kernel for the POCO X2 || Notification/Charging light mod

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