Pokémon Go Banned in Iran Over Security

Pokémon Go Banned in Iran Over Security

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Pokémon Go is taking the world by storm. Players catch Pikachus and other creatures across the globe, and while it’s fun for most, some governments find it ‘dangerous’. The BBC portal claims that Iranian authorities decided to ban the game throughout the country over “security” concerns.

The decision was taken by the High Council of Virtual Spaces. This body officially oversees the online activity in Iran, and the decision makes Iran the first country to take such firm move against Pokémon Go. Iranian authorities claim that the decision wasn’t taken lightly as they tried contacting Niantic about it before coming to a conclusion.

There are concerns over Pokémon Go and safety being blasted by the media, you’ve probably seen some of them. According to reports, some players caused car accidents and trespassed private properties. Pokémon Go has also been noticed by other authorities. Indonesia, for example, banned police officers from playing the game while on duty. Interestingly enough, a French player was arrested last month after breaching into an Indonesian military base catching Pokémon — that’s a 4-star Wanted Level violation. As you may have noticed, such situations are very dangerous and may lead to accidents, while some are merely funny. Some should be taken seriously, but in many cases the media overplays the significance or danger of these events.

Most of the aforementioned stories are rather silly or extreme, but there are issues that spring up nonetheless. We hope that you all play Pokémon Go wisely and cautiously, without causing any dangerous situations.

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