Pokemon Go Reportedly Passes $1 Billion in Revenue

Pokemon Go Reportedly Passes $1 Billion in Revenue

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Pokemon Go was initially released in July of last year and it has already surpassed what so many other mobile games have been able to do. The game was able to garner a tremendous amount of hype before it was even made available to the public, and then it took the world by storm once it was officially launched. This is a game that changed people’s everyday habits and got them to go and walk around their community more than anything else could.

It’s also a game that made average smartphone consumers upgrade their aging device so they could play it for more than 30 minutes (and in some cases, play the game at all). It caused a spike in traffic in our location-spoofing threads here at XDA, and single-handedly drove the sales of power banks to record breaking numbers. It’s fair to say that Pokemon Go was the most popular mobile game of 2016, even though it was criticized for not being as complex as some people had hoped a Pokemon game would be.

About a month after launch, it was estimated that Pokemon Go was able to bring in $14 million in revenue in just one week. Other reports say it was able to bring in over $18 million in just one single day. The game is free to download but also comes with in-app purchases for various enhancement items to help you along the way. This week, Sensor Tower is reporting that, based on their data, Pokemon Go has surpassed $1 billion in revenue since it was launched less than 7 months ago.

To give you a comparison to how impressive this number is, Supercell’s Clash Royale hasn’t even passed the $1 billion mark yet and it’s been available for 10 months already. In the first 7 months after Clash Royale was launched, they were able to amass a reported $550 million worldwide. None of these numbers are official though as Niantic hasn’t made any official announcements yet, but research is indicating they’ve hit a home run with this mobile game.

Source: Sensor Tower