Pokemon Jukebox Brings Classic Tunes — at a Price

Pokemon Jukebox Brings Classic Tunes — at a Price

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When rumors began saying that Nintendo would be releasing Android games, many gamers old and young alike were salivating at the possibility. Since the initial rumors and reports, we haven’t heard much in the way of official statements, but now Pokémon has actually reached Android for you to enjoy… well, listen to. For money.


Pokémon Jukebox is a new application that, as its name implies, allows you to listen to pokémon music. Pokémon games have some of the most recognizable tunes for any gamer, and those who do not call themselves gamer can easily spot many of them as well. It sounds like a fair deal, but the problem is that Nintendo is not making this an app for all its fans, but rather the ones that are willing to pay for each song. This is primarily an IAP app if I’ve ever seen one.


The design has some hints of pokedex, which is definitely a nice touch. As soon as you fire up the app you are explained how the system works — and how you must pay. In fact, throughout my testing Nintendo was keen on reminding me multiple times that I have a free preview of each song… for a limited time! You can also listen to three of the hundreds of songs for free, daily. That is pretty benevolent to say the least. So I tried my previews to check out some age-old classics.



The interface has many options and allows you to loop the songs (considering that these are very short, you probably want to unless you’ve got a playlist). You can also set buttons to make different Pokémon game sounds such as pokémon battle cries, pokeball bouncing, etc. And that’s about it. There really isn’t much to see here, just a lot of childhood memory triggers.


Don’t get me wrong — I am sure many people will enjoy this application. To a nostalgic fan who may want to occasionally listen to Pokémon music for remembrance sake, this app is a  good option. To those who want to listen to these tracks regularly, it probably is not. Paying close to a buck for a single 1 minute 8-bit track is not quite worth it, especially considering that many of these songs are widely available and easy to get or listen to from other means and many other sources.


You can find Pokémon Jukebox on the Play Store. If you are a hardcore Pokémon fan or simply nostalgic, it is worth checking out. Whether it is worth investing in it is up to you. If you do, be sure to save your random string of numbers ID.



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