Polar introduces two new Pacer smartwatches aimed at runners

Polar introduces two new Pacer smartwatches aimed at runners

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started, plenty of people have been exercising less frequently. With many workplaces and schools switching to the online format, some of us have been spending most of their time physically inactive at home. That’s not to mention the increasing reliance on online ordering and doorstep deliveries. This convenient lifestyle can become unhealthy and damage the human body (and mind). That’s why we should aim at making an effort to exercise, even if we’re not forced to leave our houses for work or education. Fitness trackers motivate some of us to do more and push ourselves, and there are two new models in town. Polar has introduced the Pacer and Pacer Pro — two smartwatches aimed at runners, both beginners and pros.


Polar has released two new GPS-enabled Pacer watches. These fitness trackers come with heart rate monitoring, 5MB of RAM, third-party integrations with running apps, and much more. Fortunately, they also pack a decent battery life, making them last for around a week on a single charge and up to 35 hours of training with heart rate monitoring and GPS enabled. You can use these smartwatches to check the weather, glance at your notifications, control your music playback, and track your sleep.

The two models are similar, for the most part at least. The regular Pacer includes an easier walking test aimed at newbies. On the contrary, The Polar Pacer Pro goes for a more strenuous running performance test. The Pro model additionally packs a barometer to measure the effort a certain runner is putting in.

The Polar Pacer is available for $199, with deliveries starting in May. You can choose between white, black, teal, and purple. On the other hand, you can buy the Polar Pacer Pro today for $299 in gray, white, blue, maroon, or green.

Will you be buying one of Polar’s new Pacer smartwatches? If so, which model are you going for? Let us know in the comments section below.

Via: The Verge

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