[Update: More details] Polestar will be one of the first cars to get the new Apple CarPlay

[Update: More details] Polestar will be one of the first cars to get the new Apple CarPlay

Update 1 (June 8, 2022 @ 05:30 ET): Polestar has clarified to us exactly which cars will be receiving the next-gen CarPlay as well as clarity on their relationship with Google and the implementation coming to the Polestar 2. Scroll to the bottom for more information, the original article published on June 6 is preserved below.

At WWDC 22 Apple revealed a radical new look for CarPlay, albeit over a year ahead of it actually arriving. Nevertheless, the first car maker to support the new version has revealed itself and it’s not necessarily the one we’d have picked. Polestar, makers of the Polestar 2, announced on Twitter that their cars would be getting the all-new CarPlay next year. Not only that, but an OTA update is coming to the Polestar 2 this month to deliver the existing CarPlay experience.


This is big news on a couple of levels. Firstly, the new Apple CarPlay and the Polestar 2 interior looks absolutely made for each other. But perhaps more importantly, and intriguingly, the Polestar 2 currently uses Android Automotive. You know, made by Google.

CarPlay co-existing alongside Android Auto isn’t uncommon, it’s present in many cars. I have both inside my own. But Android Automotive isn’t Android Auto, it’s a complete operating system baked into the car. In my limited time with a Polestar 2 so far it’s already clear how good Android Automotive is, but it’s now going to have some serious competition. We don’t actually know much about the next generation CarPlay as yet, but just the name would suggest it’s still a projection from your iPhone.

As such, Polestar could easily be keeping the Android Automotive OS baked into the cars and layering Apple’s system on top for those who like their vehicles a little less Googly. Nevertheless, it’s impressive to see such an early commitment, and indeed that Polestar isn’t waiting until next year to get the current CarPlay working.

Polestar clarifies which cars will get new CarPlay, no change in relationship with Google

After the initial publishing of this post, we reached out to Polestar for additional clarity on exactly what’s going to happen with their introduction of CarPlay. First, the bad news, the Polestar 2 will not be getting the next-gen CarPlay. It will still get the current implementation as planned later this month. Furthermore, Polestar confirmed that CarPlay in the Polestar 2 will be wired only.

Polestar can’t comment as to which future vehicles will be getting the next-gen CarPlay, though did confirm to us that there is no change in the car maker’s relationship with Google. So Android Automotive should live on for the foreseeable future.

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