Portable Power Company EcoFlow is Making Disaster Resilience Its Mission

Portable Power Company EcoFlow is Making Disaster Resilience Its Mission

A warmer future is inevitable, said a new United Nations report conducted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). According to the report, global warming is projected to aggravate in the next 30 years regardless of any action to reverse it by major nations.

Nothing sounds more desperate than knowing there is nothing you can do to stop a tragic event from eventually happening, but that is not the reason to not make an effort. EcoFlow, a portable power, and renewable energy solutions company, is among those trying to make a difference out of the inevitability.

On August 30, EcoFlow launched the ‘Peace of Mind’ campaign which will last till the end of September, aiming to prepare individuals for increased power outage cases caused by extreme weather as global warming worsens. The campaign features partnerships with influencers who have expertise in different fields (meteorology, home resilience, etc.), providing knowledge of natural disasters as well as tools and tips to mitigate their impact, and the campaign is striking on all levels. EcoFlow is utilizing ads, KOLs, its own blog (EcoLab), and a campaign page to get these messages and tools to as many people as it can.


Incorporating preparedness messages in various forms, the ‘Peace of Mind’ campaign page is the main battlefield to combat the impact of natural disasters. The page starts with a map that keeps track of the current outages in the US state by state, getting people the latest update if they are to be affected. In combination with a tutorial video on how portable power stations can help during blackouts and a free 72-hour emergency kit that comes with purchases from the page, customers can respond to potential outages as soon as possible. On top of that, the page offers knowledge on different types of natural disasters, as well as expert opinions on meteorology and home resilience to prepare people for the long haul.

As EcoFlow continues to incentivize individuals’ resilience plans, the company is eyeing on something more profound in the long run. In July 2021, EcoFlow launched the EcoFlow DELTA Pro, a self-sustaining portable home battery when connected to a series of add-ons. The launch marks the company’s first rollout of the EcoFlow ecosystem, which in its vision, will address a broader need for the generation, storage, and usage of power.

Ultimately, EcoFlow’s mission is to help reduce carbon emissions by providing renewable energy solutions to individuals, households, and industries around the globe. As a warmer future is certain, a jump in extreme weather is expected in the next 20, 30 years, but there’s still a short window to prevent the worst from happening, according to the IPCC, and EcoFlow will do what’s necessary to hold up its end.

To learn more, please go to EcoFlow’s Peace of Mind page.

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