POSP v2.3 adds an RGB accent picker, Android Oreo’s Quick Settings panel, Android Q battery icon, and more

POSP v2.3 adds an RGB accent picker, Android Oreo’s Quick Settings panel, Android Q battery icon, and more

New custom ROMs come and go all the time but one that seems to have stuck around and gained popularity is POSP. It’s a ROM that uses AOSP as a base, just as the name implies, but then goes in and selectively adds in features from other open source projects. One of the features the developers have decided to add is the Android Pie’s missing expandable volume panel. In version 2.3 of the Potato Open Sauce Project ROM, we get a number of new features including an RGB accent picker, the Android Q battery icon, and more.

It’s been a little over two months since they brought back Android Pie’s missing expandable volume panel and the team is proud to announce POSP version 2.3. The security-conscious will be happy to know this update includes Android’s patches for May 2019. This update is packed with new features including the aforementioned RGB accent picker and Android Q battery icon. The dark theme has been revamped, a new Flatato base theme has been added, and the addition of Android 8.0 Oreo’s Quick Settings panel is back too.



Be sure to expand the menu below for the full changelog for this update to POSP. Those who are interested in the custom ROM can find a list of supported devices, which include the Pocophone F1, OnePlus 6 and 6T, Nextbit Robin, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, and more, right here:


POSP v2.3 Changelog

  • Support santoni (Zainudin (ErrorNetwork28))
  • May security patch
  • android-9.0.0_r37
  • Introduced RGB accenter
  • Dark theme revamped
  • Add new Flatato base theme
  • Settings Search bar fixed on Dark/black theme
  • Oreo QS Panel
  • QS colors fixes
  • Update Lawnchair
  • Back to SoundPicker 1.0 (for older devices)
  • Fix notifications if less notification sound is enabled
  • Animate volume panel
  • Google sound search tile
  • Added Aggressive battery
  • Q style Battery icon
  • Toggle to disable Album art cover on Lockscreen
  • Added Lockscreen Album art filters
  • Toggle to hide Lockscreen items (clock & date)
  • Added clock styles (accent issue will be addressed in next update)
  • POSP logo on statusbar
  • Swipe to screenshot improvements
  • Lockscreen weather improvements
  • Toggle to disable any sim slot
  • Added Uptime with deepsleep info
  • Moved IMEI info in SIM status
  • Improved Ambient ticker layout

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