Here are some of the possible new OxygenOS features. You can still submit your own!

Here are some of the possible new OxygenOS features. You can still submit your own!

The OnePlus Product Manager Challenge began a little over two weeks ago, and with the deadline of the 22nd of February looming, it’s about time to start up or finish your ideas. If you’re struggling to come up with some ideas, we’ve cherry-picked some of the submissions which caught our eye on the OnePlus forums. While some have existed on custom ROMs for a while, it’s the difficulty of integrating them seamlessly into OxygenOS that can cause problems. Take a look below!

Sample submissions

Screen recording

Two separate submissions, both paztorlaszlo and itsWilsy, came up with the idea of integrating screen recording directly into OxygenOS. Their submissions are slightly different, but they have the same core idea. A quick and easy way to start recording, video settings such as resolution, and the output medium like GIF or MP4. Screenshots from paztorlaszlo’s concept are below.

Text message scheduling

Have you ever wanted to schedule a text message to be sent at a specific time? I’ve had to do it before with a third-party app and it seems that angry_muppet has had to as well. The concept is simple: you write a text, choose a time or a delay amount for it to be sent, and then it sends automatically at that time. It’s nothing complicated, but it’s a quality of life feature that may get a lot of use.

USB Webcam

Have you ever used an app like Droidcam to turn your smartphone into a webcam? It’s a fairly common thing to do, but the likes of Droidcam can be inefficient or clunky. What if there was a way to do it natively, without installing any third-party software? Taneja Deepak has written up his visualization of how the feature would work, and it is, again, another useful feature that may not be for everyone, but could be very useful to some.

Submissions close February 22nd

If you want to submit your own ideas, you can refer to our original announcement post here. You’d want to get to work fast though, as submissions are due very soon! Winners will get flown out to a VIP launch of the next OnePlus device, along with a free device as well.

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