New Android Wear Device to Be Unveiled as Well?

New Android Wear Device to Be Unveiled as Well?

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Android Wear is now effectively hidden in the shadows after yesterday’s Android 5.0 Lollipop announcement and today’s updated images and SDK. Android L’s announcement doesn’t mean that Google has ceased work on its wearable operating system–on the contrary, in fact. While we are waiting to see Android 5.0 sources in Google’s repositories, we can spot a new kernel repository for the yet unannounced Android Wear device. This serves as solid evidence confirming said work in progress.

The newly added source code is based on Linux 3.10 and is for a bcm SoC. That name clearly indicates that we are dealing with a Broadcom device. Tetra is its code name (like maguro, mako, hammerhead etc). It’s not clear what kind of device it is. It’s likely to be a new smartwatch, though given the SoC. In the past, Google stated that it’s planning to release devices with Qualcomm, Broadcom, and Mediatek SoCs. A new Android Wear device would be a second surprise after Google unveiled the final API and refreshed developer preview images.

This October is certainly full of surprises, and it’s more than likely that Google will do something unexpected sooner rather than later. All we can do right now is grab the popcorn and wait. There is surely more to come!

[Thanks to XDA Recognized Developer cybojenix for the tip!]