Poweramp adds Powerstream, an HTTP streaming feature for online radio

Poweramp adds Powerstream, an HTTP streaming feature for online radio

If you are a long-time Android user, from perhaps the Gingerbread or even Froyo era, then you definitely have heard about Poweramp. Poweramp is one of the oldest and still updated music players for Android, that has been around for as long as the OS has been around. Over these years, the very concept of music on a smartphone has evolved from being primarily focused around locally stored content to now increasingly revolving around online streaming service. As a music player, Poweramp has largely resisted this evolution, but the app has now had to adapt to accommodate the changing needs of the current generation consumer. The newest update to Poweramp, namely update 846, adds Powersteam, an HTTP streaming feature that allows the music player to stream online radio.


Poweramp’s Powerstream function can be seen as a middle ground between sticking with strictly-offline music playback and providing a full catalog of online music like Spotify. Instead of venturing into the streaming business itself, Poweramp is leveraging existing online radio services by allowing users to stream them using the Poweramp interface.

The complete changelog since our last coverage up to build 849 is provided below:

  • search in Settings
  • new No Reshuffle option
  • new Alternative Font option: The font is scalable according to the device text size settings
  • added new fonts for widgets
  • Audio info dialog improvements
  • new 5 stars (menu/lists only) option
  • new Icon options
  • various small tweaks for Android 10
  • balanced output support for FiiO
  • Hi-Res support for iBasso DX150
  • Hi-Res support for Xiaomi A3, Redmi K20 Pro
  • Hi-Res support for Redmi Note 8 Pro via new MTK Hi-Fi variant
  • multichannel DTS/DCA support
  • external storages support for ChromeOS and few other polishings
  • new Also use for (playlist/artist/composers) option in Album Art dialog: Allows selecting image for the category
  • experimental support for http(s) streams in m3u playlists: Streams are visible in and playable from Playlists/Most Played/Recently Added/Recently Played/Top Rated/Low Rated/Queue categories. Tag Encoding option is used for non-unicode stream metadata.
  • new Network Stream Timeout option
  • new Always Use UTF-8 for .m3u option
  • improved split-screen layout for the main UI
  • selectable sorting in Add to Playlist
  • new Emulate Media Stream (for Hi-Res output) option
  • lyrics search via QuickLyric
  • new Navigate to the Folders option
  • translations updates

The new update is not yet live on the Play Store but you can download it from the Poweramp forum by clicking on the link below. You can also check out our in-depth review of Poweramp 3.0.

Download Poweramp 3.0 from Poweramp forums

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