PowerVision S1 is the Smallest Smartphone Stabilizer with AI Tracking and 3-Axis Gimbal

PowerVision S1 is the Smallest Smartphone Stabilizer with AI Tracking and 3-Axis Gimbal

Our smartphones come with cameras that are able to take some pretty amazing videos and photos. With phones featuring 100MP+ sensors,  4K and 8K video, zoom, and ultrawide lenses, you’re able to do some fantastic photography. Even with all of this technology, if you’re shooting handheld videos and photos, you’re only using a fraction of what your camera is capable of. By using a smart gimbal to stabilize your phone, you’ll be able to unlock photo and video quality that you didn’t even know your phone was able to achieve.

There are different gimbals available for smartphones, but most of them are bulky and inconvenient to bring with you. So in order to create a balance between better photography and convenience, you’ll need something that is compact, easy to use and serves multiple camera-related needs. This is where the new PowerVision S1 comes into play. This is a feature-packed smartphone companion that weighs only 298g. It’s only a third of the size of other products that attempt to offer these features.


PowerVision S1

Sharper Photos and Smoother Videos

The PowerVision S1 is a multi-function smartphone companion with a smart 3-axis gimbal that has the ability to stabilize your footage and take better photos. This can be used to capture smooth 4k video, taking the stress of optical or digital image stabilization off of your smartphone. When you use your phone’s built-in stabilization, your video quality is reduced, to be able to perform the necessary digital stabilization. When you use the PowerVision S1, you can shoot at your maximum resolution, creating higher-quality videos.

While shooting videos of yourself, you’ll be able to set the S1 in place using the integrated tripod, while you direct the position of your camera using gestures. The smart capabilities of the gimbal use a feature called PowerFollow to keep the camera pointed at the subject. This prevents you from having to leave the frame to reposition the camera from the other side of the display. AI tracking will keep you in the shot as you move around your environment. Once you’ve got your shot, you can use the smart editing app to trim your clips. These smart features are also available for livestreaming, so your viewers are never missing the content.

Photos can also benefit from a gimbal. When you take a photo while holding your phone in your hand, you are creating tons of minor jitters and twitches that come from your natural movements. If you shoot a photo while using the gimbal, you are eliminating motion blur, and artificial sharpening effects that camera software will use to try and give you better results. It creates a more natural-looking photo with more details and overall better quality. You can even use the built-in stand to set your PowerVision S1 in place, capturing a perfect shot.

Panoramic photos can be a hit or miss when using a handheld smartphone. Any little bump can cause glitches when your images are stitched together. With the PowerVision S1, you can use the app to take smooth panoramic images that stitch together beautifully.

PowerVision S1

A Wireless Charger, Gimbal, and Tripod in One

PowerVision S1 is able to deliver on all of the benefits of a smartphone gimbal, in a much smaller package. Along with the gimbal features, the PowerVision S1 acts as a wireless power bank that can be used for charging your phone. It even supports wireless charging, allowing you to simply set your phone on top of the S1 and let it charge. The magnetic phone case makes mounting your phone to the gimbal very easy. It just snaps into place and can be removed when you’re done.

You have a total of three different ways to connect your phone to the S1. You can use the magnetic phone case, the magnetic phone holder, and the magnetic clamp. These different connection options make the S1 compatible with a huge variety of devices. When using the magnetic options, you’ll open your device up to an entire ecosystem of magnetic accessories from PowerVision. Use it with their magnetic car mount and sticky patch, which let you attach your phone to your dashboard or any wall.

The PowerVision S1 is meant to be a complete solution for all smartphone users. Not only do you get all the benefits of the 3-axis gimbal, but by using it as a mobile power bank, you can use your phone without the anxiety caused by short battery life.

You can signup to buy the PowerVision S1 on their website, using the link below. Early adopters can get up to 49% off of their purchase, in a special launch-day deal. [Limited-time offer]

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