Preliminary Update List For Sense 7 / Android 5.1 Surfaces

Preliminary Update List For Sense 7 / Android 5.1 Surfaces

This year has been a pretty forgettable year for HTC so far. The company has had little success on the flagship front, and with dwindling stock prices, the company has had to resort to other means to retain consumer interest. Things have been bad, but it seems the company is intent on turning it all around.

One such step comes in the form of a preliminary update list for Android 5.1 and Sense 7. While the source for this information is not firsthand from HTC, it comes from the Twitter account of XDA Recognized Contributor LlabTooFeR, known in the forums for his Maximus HD ROM series for popular HTC devices.

First off, the preliminary update list for Sense 7 and Android 5.1 includes these devices:

  • M8 (Single & Dual SIM)
  • E8 (Single & Dual SIM)
  • M8s
  • Desire EYE
  • Desire 820 (Single & Dual SIM)
  • Butterfly 2

For a preliminary list, the entries on this are not really numerous as it also excludes devices which already have Sense 7 like the HTC One M9. We do hope that things will change in the future when the list goes official and that more devices will be included. The list also offers no word on the “when” aspect of these updates, just that the devices will eventually be updated.

LlabTooFeR also gave us a sneak peek of a few interesting things that will make their way over to Sense 7.

The Sense 7/Android 5.1. update for these devices will bring along Multi User profiles. While this feature is staple for most custom ROM’s, having the option baked into stock Sense UI is a welcomed move.

sense7-1 sense7-2

Another inclusion is the ability to tweak the color temperature of the screen to the user’s liking. Sense 7 will provide a slider through which users can adjust the default temperature to their liking, whether it be hotter or cooler. This is another feature that sees migration from custom roms and kernels over to stock Sense 7.


A minor tweak comes in the form of the sound sliders, which have received a slight visual refresh.


The changes and the list mentioned are not official, so things can change from now until the time they are made released. Nonetheless, this does give us an insight into what we can expect from HTC in the coming months.

What do you think about the update list? Does it include the devices you expected to be included?

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